If you are wondering what an online poker site will be like in the future, get on over to PKR Poker and look no further.

The site loudly announces “Lets Play” while an introductory video starts up as soon as you reach the homepage. The video is in itself well worth logging onto the site, but wait, there’s more.

PKR Poker awards

For now lets concentrate on the company’s awards. PKR Poker has been nominated in three classes at the e-Gaming Review Awards, the Poker Operator of the Year, Online Marketing Campaign of the Year and the Offline Marketing Campaign of the Year awards so the word is out that PKR Poker is among the most modern, advanced and exciting online poker sites in the industry.

It has also been touted by the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA through a nomination for their Best Digital Solutions award, a major and gratifying achievement in the international world of business.

PKR site

The site boasts a team of outstanding poker professionals in Vladimir “Beyne” Geshkenbein (APPT High Roller Champion), Adrien “zlatan35” Allain (APT Macau winner), Ashley “ashleyhames1” Hames (TV celebrity turned poker player), and Henrik “Pokey85” Ecklund (young Swedish poker genius). PKR Poker is becoming known as the place to be both live and online.

The application also features forums, an online eZine titled Stacked, online television, a facebook page, photo gallery and even more to continuously attract new players and keep all players coming back for more fun.

PKR Poker Software

The software is rapidly downloaded, surprising for such a fulsome application. The application is also one of the sole 3D real money poker clients in the world today.

The site lets players just about totally customize their game play. You can alter your avatar to resemble your looks and your play to the extent that it almost becomes the real you.

The application brings a genuine life like experience to players even to granting tells, emotions and body language to them. The multi-table players among you will enjoy the maximum of four tables you can have going at once and pick your views and angles while doing so.

The angle views can be selected from overview, dynamic, first person, orbit, points of compass and multi-table which adds to the players sense of involvement in the game. A really neat feature is the MYPKR software section that offers loads of stats and a scrolling, in depth news section to keep you up to date.

The application is button based and at the bottom of the screen there are at times some great and insightful poker tips.

PKR Poker gaming platform

The gaming platform at PKR Poker is brand spanking new, this and the 3D layout will require that a player plan to spend some getting acquainted time before jumping in , but they will be ever so glad they did.

A neat facet of the site is that it displays the city of the player’s location so opponents can sometimes get the edge if they understand the regional playing modes of that player’s location, especially when it comes to deuce mindsets and playing styles.

In the middle of the player’s 3D universe is the main screen which is tab-based and that is how one can sort through the game offerings.

PKR cash games

Cash games on PKR Poker are no limit, pot limit and fixed limit holdem, Omaha and Omaha hi-lo. Blinds go from $.01/.02 to $100/200 for the limit games and $.01/.02 to $500 for the no-limit games. At any given time, there will be 3,000 players enjoying play at 500 tables plus an ocean of tournaments.


The VIP Club offers the optimum in rewards. If you play a high volume of games and reap some fine earnings, you will also earn points and prizes aplenty.

Then there is the Raise Your Game poker strategy area and the downloadable poker guide which the company has lavished precious time and resources on to bring you the ultimate gaming experience.

All of these wonders earn players a bunch of points for cash and prizes, driving home the point that this company cares very much about the welfare and enjoyment of its players.

PKR Poker Customer Service

The customer service at PKR Poker is another thing for the company to be proud of with its 24/7 live chat and email support system to meet all of its customer’s wants and desires.

PKR Technologies Limited is the power behind the software and this is the sole online poker developer in the known world to be licensed by the government of the UK.

Nothing is enough for this site though, so the corporation is also licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC).

PKR Poker Security

PKR Poker cares intensely about customer support to the degree that they hired an esteemed third party auditor review to confirm the random number generator, operating procedures, systems architecture, technical infrastructure, site security and the fairness and dependability of the games to more than meet industry standards.

The audit was undertaken by Gaming Associates, a testing company out of Australia that is known throughout the globe for its testing and quality assurance processes.

PKR Poker Bonus

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