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In layman’s terms, betting exchange is a secure place where betting public can exchange bets anonymously. The odds of the bet are specified by the punter.The betting exchange only acts as an intermediary, and matches the bets placed by punters. Most people are drawn to these exchanges because they don't have to pay bookie margins.

However, the exchange company will take a small commission on winning bets. The commission they charge is usually in the range of 2 to 5 percent.

People, who use these exchanges, must understand that placing bets does not guarantee more wins.

You will still have to find winning bets yourself or use the services of a professional tipster.

However, you can get better returns on your winning bets when you use betting exchanges.

How to Make Money with Betting Exchanges

So how can use betting exchange to make money? The easiest way of making money on these exchanges is by taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities.

There is usually a difference between the price quoted by the exchange and the bookie. You can take advantage of this difference by taking “No Risk” bets.

You can also make money by backing or laying a bet.

When you lay or back a selection, you play the role of a bookmaker.

Laying a selection means that you offer a price against the happening of an event. For instance, if you lay bet of £20 at 6.0 (5/1), it means that you will win £20 when the event does not happen and lose £100 if the event takes place.

Many people have made huge sums of money by placing bets on rank outsiders. This is very different and more powerful than the Each Way bets offered by most bookies.

Betting Exchange Sign up and Bonuses

Since several websites offer betting exchange services, there is bound to be competition. Most websites offer handsome sign up bonuses to lure punters. Some promotional offers on popular exchanges are:

Betfair ExchangeIf you are looking for a high profile and credible exchange, you must check out the website of Betfair. It has a comprehensive in-playing trading interface that easy to understand and use. When you join Betfair, you get risk free bet of £20. Make sure you use this amount within 7 days of sign up. Also, you must wager at least £20 to be eligible for risk-free bet.

Betdaq ExchangeThis is another popular exchange that is used by punters to place bets. Some of the reasons why punters are attracted to this site are low commission, competitive odds, and ease of navigation. When you join the website, you get a sign up bonus of up to £50. Betdaq will credit you account with £25, when you place 4 bets of £25 each. Your account will be credit by another £25 when you place 4 more bets of £25 each. So to get £50 in your account, you must place total bets of £200.

Smarkets ExchangeIf you are looking for an exchange with lowest commission on winnings, you must check out smarkets. It charges a low commission of just 2 percent. When you sign up with them, your first loss of up to £10 will be reimbursed by them. However, to get this reimbursement, you must deposit at least £20 in your account.

Site Bonus Up To Review Visit
1 GET £50 in Free Bets £50 Review Visit
2 £20 Risk Free Bet £20 Review Visit
3 FREE £10 BET £10 Review Visit